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The mining industry in Galicia is not a new activity, for it has been carried out since prehistory. The current situation is, therefore, the result of a particular historic evolution and a culture of its own, which have made Galicia an extractive power.

With granite and slate as main mining products, Galicia leads the national and international markets, with hundreds of exploitations and an approximate turnover that surpasses half million euros per year. Thus, the mining sector plays a key role in galician industrial network, providing jobs and wealth.

Minerals are the base of important sectors, such as construction, and they have little known applications, like the use of borates in cancer treatments or silica in solar cells and space telescopes.

But apart from its economic importance, we can not forget that mining is present in practically all human activities, since, except for wood and natural fibres, all the materials used by human beings for their development are mineral based. In fact, each European consumes an annual average of 5 to 10 tonnes of mineral products, and along his life, each person will have consumed more than 400 tonnes of these products, excepting energy minerals.

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