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Mining, as other activities developed by human beings, affects the environment. The increasing sensitivity of businessmen, administrations and the whole society towards sustainable development has encouraged the improvement of efforts in order to minimise the impact of mining activities on the environment.

As a result, most of the industrialized countries have developed specific rules to guarantee the use of good environmental practices in mining in order to avoid the irreparable damage of nature.

In this framework, Europe bets for preventive politicies, which have made obligatory to carry out environmental impact asessment, regulated by Directive 85/377/CEE, of 27 June 1985. The aim is to identify all the potential damages that mining can cause to the environment, the corrective measures to apply, and the restoration plan after the mine is closed.

The mining sector has been a pioneer dealing with environmental issues. The Law of Mines of 1973 establishes the necessary conditions for environmental protection in mining and the need of carrying out studies about it. Later on, Royal decree 2994/1982 about restoration of the areas affected by mining activities is approved. Several regulations were developed after it in 1984, making environmental protection and conservation a priority.

Even the General Regulations of Basic Norms on Mining Security gives instructions about mine closure or tailings processing.

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