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Viernes - 19.Abril.2019

 Presentation • Aims • Government bodies • Working committees • Members


a) To promote the development of the mining industry, carrying out all those necessary activities, such as:

  • Preparation and study of reports, documents, and magazines in order to spread technical advances among its members.
  • Establishing and carrying out the necessary and useful services for the benefit of the mining industry.
  • Establishing, keeping and promoting relationships with those national and international institutions and entities which will collaborate in the developement of mining

b) To represent, defend and promote the interests of its members carrying out as many initiatives as necessary

c) To request the Executive Power whatever is necessary for the development and improvement of the mining industry, being necessarily heard by the Administration, as their consultative body, in all the legislative projects (Decrees, Laws, Regulations…) that affect to the mining industry.

d) To promote the teaching of the mining industry among its memeber, by developing, promoting and organizing exhibitions and courses, both theoretical and practical, on those matters related to mining.

e) To appoint experts in order to resolve conflicts about mining issues.

f) To Facilitate agreements among its members on common problems of he mining industry.

g) To prepare mining statistics.

h) To deliver the reports required by authorities and individuals.

i) To mediate in conflicts between members.

j) To developo and update the mining census. 

k) To represent the mining sector in either consultative or executive proffessional organs.

l) To support and promote all activities and services needed to better achieve its aims.


Regulations for the Internal Affairs of Galicia Chamber of Mines approved by the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Council of Innovation and Industry, by resolution of August 20, 2007.

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Rodabell Maquinaria S.L.

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